we were exploding anyway.

8 November
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my lj is a reflection of my obsessions.

first fell in love with naruto and shipped narusasu hard and read some of the best fics ever written. though shikamaru will always be my fave character.

then discovered senshixshitennou and shipped jupiter and nephrite like crazy. wrote fics, won some awards.

learned of SUPER JUNIOR about a year and a half ago, but with sailor moon fandom and university, didn't get sucked in till mid-2009 when 3jib came out. then i was a goner, never to be heard from the other fandoms again...

Yesung is THE fave, followed closely by Sungmin, Shindong, Kangin, Eunhyuk, and Kibum. Oddly enough, KyuMin is my OTP even though i'm Cloud-obsessed. Must be because i love KangSung YeWon and Kisung equally and therefore cannot consider any of them OTP. Even more curious, i couldn't care less about Siwon unless it's YeWon-related, and i have a better view of Kangin when in KangSung mode.

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